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Here’s what people are saying about us:

“I am thrilled to be one of the first Sonoma Passport members!  My fiancé and I have been wine tasting in Sonoma County for several years and love discovering new wineries.   Now we can go more often and spend less!”

Brian K.
Walnut Creek, Ca

“I found the Sonoma Passport online when I was looking for a coupon to a winery that I had planned on purchasing bottles from.  I saw that several of the wineries I like offered purchase discounts to Sonoma Passport members.”

Josh H.
Fair Oaks, Ca

“My Sonoma Passport Membership will pay for itself in one day.  Anything that can do that makes sense.”

Bella I.
Santa Clara, Ca

“After speaking to the two Sonoma Passport marketing gurus, I have decided to give every one of my clients a 1 year membership.  The team writes a thank you card and delivers the membership to save me time.”

Casey J.
Lincoln, Ca