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The Sonoma Passport provides access to exclusive offers at many of Sonoma County’s best Wineries. Our members explore more for less!

View our Passport Offers to see a current list of member benefits.

Every Sonoma Passport Membership is valid for two people through Dec. 31 of that same year. Sonoma Passport Memberships are non-refundable. To ensure the best experience we recommend groups of 6 or more contact the wineries they plan to visit before hand.  The Sonoma Passport is not valid for groups of more than 8.

If you visit Sonoma County for even a few hours, your Sonoma Passport Membership can pay for itself!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Passport Membership? A Passport Membership provides access to exclusive offers at many of the region’s premier wineries. Members have access to these offers through Dec. 31 of that same calendar year. Passport Members explore more for less! BACK TO TOP ↑

How do I use it? Once you have purchased your membership, you will receive your physical membership card in the mail (1 card is issued per 2 person membership). To take advantage of an offer, Participating Wineries will require you show your membership card when you visit. A virtual or printable alternative to using your membership card is not available. BACK TO TOP ↑

Can the Passport be used more than once at each of the Wineries? While valid, your Passport Membership can be used as often you like, unless the offer specifically states otherwise.  BACK TO TOP ↑

Are the offers supposed to be printed out individually & given to the winery? Your membership card is the only item that needs to be provided to participating wineries. Members have found that the “Print Offers” page is very helpful when planning their wine tasting itinerary.  Also, having a printed copy of the list as a backup during your visit can be prove to be convenient. BACK TO TOP ↑

How do I activate my Passport? Once you receive your Passport card, visit our website and click on the “Activate” tab. You will be prompted to enter both your information as well as the second member’s information. Once the information is submitted, you are all set to begin enjoying your Membership. BACK TO TOP ↑

What if I don’t have a second member to register? That is not a problem! When activating your Passport card, simply leave the second member’s information blank. As long as you are listed as a member, you can bring a different guest with you each time. BACK TO TOP ↑

Do I need to make reservations at a Winery beforehand? You will only need to make a reservation if you have a group of 6 or more, or if it is specifically stated in the offer’s description. BACK TO TOP ↑

How do I know which wineries participate with the Passport? Please click on the Offers Tab and select “All Offers” on the top menu bar of our website to see a comprehensive list of all of our participating wineries and their corresponding offers.  This list is kept up to date at all times. BACK TO TOP ↑

When should I expect to receive my Passport? Orders are typically mailed out within 1 day from the date they are received. We ship via USPS, & average shipping times range from 2-5 business days. For expedited shipping needs, 2 Day UPS shipping may be purchased for an additional $25 and can be selected at checkout. BACK TO TOP ↑

Are there any Blackout Dates? Members may redeem their member offers during operational winery hours so long as they are open to the public. While their are no specific “Blackout Dates”, many wineries will occasionally close to the the public for weddings, private events, or ticketed & wine club-only events. These are infrequent, but when the winery is closed to the public, Passport Members will not be able to visit. BACK TO TOP ↑

What if I have a question that was not answered here? We’d love to hear from you! Please email us at with any additional inquiries. BACK TO TOP ↑